Job Search Strategies

The first step to finding your dream job is to start searching! Learn how to leverage job fairs, successfully navigate the job application process, make a career change, locate job openings at top companies, and much more.

7 Things You Should Be Doing Now that Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Have Ended

Now that pandemic unemployment benefits have ended, you may be feeling the pressure to get a job quickly. Here are some steps you can take to stay afloat while looking for a job while unemployed.

9 Unique Jobs & Crazy Career Stories for Job Search Inspiration

These unique jobs and funny career stories from iHire’s own staff are sure to inspire your job search (or make you smile).

Top 4 Benefits to Look for in a New Job

Looking for a new job? Consider these four types of benefits when weighing your employment options.

Ask a Career Advisor: Why Am I Not Hearing Back from Employers?

Have you been ghosted by an employer after an interview or after applying for a job? Lisa Shuster uncovers why you might not be hearing back from hiring managers and what you should do about it.

What to Do When Your Job Search Hits a Dead End

Feeling like giving up on your job search? Follow this advice for some job search motivation and a fresh start.

Using a Part-time Job to Make a Career Change

Thinking of changing careers? Here’s how a part-time job can serve as a steppingstone to trying something new.

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a New Job

Starting a new job? Check out this list of “dos and don’ts” to begin your new gig on the right foot.

Ask a Career Advisor: Do I Have to Disclose on My Resume or Cover Letter if I’ve Been Fired?

Should you disclose being fired on your cover letter? What do you put on your resume if you’ve been terminated? iHire Career Advisor, Lori Cole, answers these questions and tells you exactly how to approach this scenario.

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Fake Your Job Search to Stay on Unemployment

Unemployed? Here’s why you should think twice before applying for jobs with no intention on following through in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

4 Types of Cover Letter Introductions to Help You Stand Out

Learn four proven approaches (with examples) for writing a cover letter introduction that will grab employers’ attention and get you more interviews.

How to Write a Personal Branding Statement for Your Job Search

Learn how to write a personal branding statement that grabs the attention of potential employers (with examples!).

What Are the Differences Between Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Social Work?

Learn which type of social work career aligns best with your skills, experience, and goals.

Job Search Preparation: How to Research a Company Before Applying for a Role

Discover how to get to know a potential employer before you click “submit” on your next job application.

How to Create a Tech Portfolio for Your Next Job Interview

Learn how to Impress recruiters and show off your best work with these tips for creating a powerful tech portfolio.

Making Remote Work, Work [Toolkit]

Whether you're searching for a remote job, preparing for virtual interview, or looking to be more productive in your home office, these resources will set you up for success.

Ask a Career Advisor: Should I Apply for a Job if I Don’t Have the Required Experience?

Have you ever found the perfect job, but you don’t meet the experience qualifications? See what iHire Career Advisor, Lori Cole, has to say on the subject.

Passive Job Search Tips for Advanced Practitioners

Check out these four passive job search tips, and let advanced practitioner career opportunities come to you.

What Type of Side Hustle is Best for You?

Discover whether a part-time or gig job is right for you with this helpful guide.

4 Accounting Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Want an accounting job but don't have the degree? Here are 4 accounting career titles to start exploring today.

5 Legal Jobs That Don’t Require a Law Degree

Looking for a legal job that doesn't require a law degree? Here are five career titles to consider (no law school required!)

Ask a Career Advisor: Should I Remove Dates from My Resume to Prevent Age Discrimination?

Ageism in the job search is a real challenge for baby boomers, and this form of discrimination seems to be more prevalent now than ever. But is it true that you should remove dates from your resume to avoid aging yourself? See what iHire Career Advisor, Lori Cole, has to say.

7 Popular Careers for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Discover top jobs in the pharmaceutical industry and see which requirements are needed for popular pharmaceutical careers.

How to Get a Remote Job in the Mental Health Industry

What’s the outlook for virtual or remote mental health careers? Discover if a role in teletherapy is right for you.

Ask a Career Advisor: Do I Need to Include a Cover Letter With My Job Application?

Whether your job search strategy is to find work fast or break into a different industry, you're probably applying to many positions to cast a wide net. But is submitting a cover letter with every application that important? Find out what iHire Career Advisor Lori Cole has to say on the subject.

Job Search Tips for Office Managers

Find a rewarding opportunity as an office manager or office administrator with these four job search tips.

8 Culinary Careers to Consider Beyond the Restaurant During COVID-19

If you’re struggling to find restaurant jobs in the wake of COVID-19, consider these eight alternative culinary careers.

Job Search Preparation Checklist for Baby Boomers

Prepare for a successful job search and overcome ageism with this handy checklist for baby boomers.

Part-Time Job Search & Career Advice Toolkit

Looking for a part-time or gig job? This toolkit has the resources to help you land the right PT opportunity and succeed in your new role.

Part-Time Job Search Tips for Working Parents

Are you a working parent searching for a part-time job? Set yourself up to find a rewarding opportunity with this advice.

Jump-start Your Job Search in 2021: 10 iHire Tools to Get Hired Faster [Webinar]

Ready to scale up your job search? Learn how our simple-to-use job search tools will help you get hired faster!

15 Skills Every Construction Worker Needs on Their Resume

Consider highlighting these construction skills on your resume as you search for your next career opportunity in the construction industry.

Ask a Career Advisor: How Do I Address COVID-related Unemployment During My Job Search?

Laid off due to COVID-19? Worried about a gap in your resume? Follow these 6 expert tips for overcoming hurdles during your job search.

How to Break into Veterinary Telehealth

Considering exploring a career in veterinary telemedicine? Here's what you need to know.

Finding a Job With an H-1B Visa Sponsorship

Learn how to find a great job in the U.S. through an H1B visa sponsorship.

9 Things to Do Every Day When You're Unemployed

Wondering what to do when you’re unemployed? These job search tips and unemployment advice will help you find a new gig faster.

What to Expect from an Outplacement Program

Outplacements services, often included in severance packages, help you move smoothly and quickly into a new role. We’ve answered some common questions from transitioning job seekers to help you understand what to expect from an outplacement program.

6 Proven Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers

Overcome ageism in your job search and find your next great career opportunity with these tips for baby boomers.

Virtual Career Fairs: What Job Seekers Need to Know

How does a virtual career fair work? Find out how to prepare for an online job fair.

7 Things Not to Do When You’re Unemployed

Unemployed? Avoid these common job search mistakes when you’re out of work and seeking your next career opportunity.

How to Find a Seasonal or Temporary Job During the Holidays

Interested in getting a part-time job during the holidays? Here’s how to find a seasonal job and where to look.

9 Marketing Jobs That You Can Perform From Home

For marketing professionals, there are plenty of opportunities to work from home. Here are some remote marketing jobs to consider in your search.

Remote Job Fraud: How to Ensure You’re Applying for Legitimate “WFH” Positions

Wondering how to know if a remote job is legitimate? Learn how to spot remote job scams when searching for opportunities to work from home.

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in Your Job Search

Learn how to ensure prospective employers value a diverse and inclusive workplace when searching for your next job.

Job Ghosting Is a Bad Idea. Here’s Why.

Workplace ghosting may be on the rise, but it’s a bad idea. Find out how job ghosting and interview ghosting could harm your career.

How to Change Careers: A Preparation Checklist

This career change checklist will help you prepare for successfully breaking into a new industry or exploring a different career path.

How to Keep Your Job Search Active While Working Part-Time

Consider these job search tips to successfully land a new role while holding down a part-time job.

How to Identify Transferable Skills for a Career Change

Thinking of making a career change? Learn how to identify your transferable skills with these job search tips.

6 Inspiring Career Change Stories to Motivate Your Job Search

If you’re thinking of changing career paths but are unsure how to change industries, these anecdotes and firsthand advice will inspire your job search.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Career Change

Thinking of making a career change? Avoid these 5 common pitfalls for a smooth transition.

Unique Places to Search for Work During COVID-19

Getting creative in your job search can help you find work faster during these uncertain times. Here are 6 unique resources for searching for a job during COVID-19.

Career Change Resources [Toolkit]

Ready for a career change? These resources will help you get started on your new journey.

What Is a Talent Pipeline (And How Do You Join One)?

If you’re like most job seekers, you’ve probably never heard of a talent pipeline. However, it could be the answer to landing your dream job. If you're passively job searching or don’t mind waiting for the perfect position to come along, here’s what you need to know.

How to Find a Job During the Coronavirus Recession

Finding a job during the COVID-19 pandemic may take time and patience. Follow this advice to set yourself up for success.

How to Find a Job When Companies Aren’t Hiring

Read this advice for applying to a company that isn’t hiring, including how to get a company to create a job for you and how to uncover unlisted jobs.

5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Remote part-time jobs are great for returning to the workforce, maintaining flexibility, and more. Check out these part-time jobs you can do from home.

Key Things to Consider Before Accepting a Remote Job

Interested in work from home jobs? There are many perks, but carefully consider the pros and cons of remote working to make sure it’s right for you.

Best Career Paths for Maintenance and Installation Professionals

Learn about maintenance and installation jobs, like diesel service technicians and mechanics, electrical/electronics installers and repairers, and more.

What to Consider Before Getting a Part-Time Job

Applying for a part-time job is no small thing. However, it can be the perfect solution for extra cash or resume-building experience. We’ve gathered some tips on what to consider before getting a part-time job.

Just Got Laid Off? Take These 7 Steps to Quickly Land Your Next Job

Uncertain what to do after being laid off from work? Here are 7 steps to add to your lay off checklist to help you find your next great job fast.

COVID-19 Job Search & Career Resources

Whether you're seeking a new job, navigating unemployment, adjusting to working from home, or simply trying to stay healthy, we're here to help.

The Top 5 Arborist Jobs for a Lucrative Career

If you’re interested in working in the landscaping industry, particularly arborist jobs or tree irrigation specialist jobs, this resource is for you.

Guide to the Top 3 Free Online Career Assessments

Feeling stuck in your career? Thinking about a career change? Check out these 3 free career assessments and online career quizzes for some guidance.

A Guide to Medical Career Paths and Types of Physician Jobs

Learn about different medical career paths, types of physicians, and physician career options with this guide.

5 Types of Finance Jobs: Which Is the Best Fit?

Wondering if a finance job is right for you? Check out our guide to finance careers and learn more about working in finance.

5 Lucrative Logistics Career Paths to Consider

Jobs in logistics, such as operations and supply chain management, can be highly stable and rewarding. Check out these 5 logistics careers.

What to Know Before Relocating for a Job

Relocating for work may seem intimidating, especially when you haven’t done it before. Consider these five factors before your big move.

How to File for Unemployment Benefits

Learn how to file for unemployment online, the basics of unemployment benefits, where to find resources in your state, and more in our guide.

A Guide to Job Loss Grief and Moving Forward From It

Experiencing job loss and unemployment stress? Read our guide to the job loss grief cycle with tips for taking the next steps toward a new job.

6 Essential Security Officer Duties

Wondering how to become a security guard? Or what the average security guard salary is? Start by learning these common security officer duties.

Career Guide: Different Types of Mental Health Counselor Specialties

Check out our guide to the different types of mental health worker jobs including numerous mental health counselor specialties to consider.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Receptionist?

If you’re interested in receptionist jobs, check out our guide to the top skills you’ll need to succeed in this role.

5 Unique Social Services Jobs

Read our guide to social services jobs – including probation officers, family therapists, and child advocates – to find the one that’s right for you.

4 Biomedical Engineer Employment Options

Learn more about exciting biomedical engineering career paths, including microbiologist and clinical research associate jobs.

Nurse Practitioners by the Numbers

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are a fixture in many healthcare operations, working in a variety of settings with wide-ranging specializations.

6 Steps to Finding the Best Principal Jobs

If you’re wondering how to become a principal or seeking principal jobs, check out our quick guide to school administrator careers.

11 Headshot Tips for Job Seekers

Job seekers often wonder how to take a professional headshot or even what to wear for a professional headshot. Follow these headshot tips for job seekers.

How to Choose the Best Nurse Practitioner Specialty to Pursue

Struggling to decide which nurse practitioner specialty is right for you? Our outline of the top nurse practitioner career options can help.

Top Publishing Jobs to Look Out For

Trying to enter the exciting and competitive field of publishing? Check out these publishing jobs to find the one that’s right for you.

4 Highest Salaried Construction Management Jobs

Are you interested in a construction management career? Find out which construction management jobs have the highest construction worker salary.

5 of the Most Lucrative Manufacturing Jobs

Looking for a secure, high-paying manufacturing career path? Check out these top manufacturing jobs to find the one that’s right for you.

Quiz: Is It Time to Find a New Job?

Take this quick quiz to find out if you're ready to begin your search for a new career or if you should stay with your current employer.

5 Potential Accountant Career Paths

When mapping out your accountant career path and assessing your accounting skills, there are many types of accounting jobs to consider. Learn more.

5 Key Traits of Successful Pharmacy Managers

Interested in becoming a pharmacy manager? Find out what it takes to succeed in this challenging yet highly lucrative and rewarding position.

5 Things All Job Seekers Should Know About Personal Branding

Personal branding is crucial during any job hunt. Read these 5 personal branding tips for job seekers to understand the benefits of personal branding.

9 Cities With Exciting Hospitality Management Jobs

Check out our guide to some of the best locations in the US for hotel management jobs, restaurant management jobs, and other hospitality careers.

7 Environmental Careers to Help You Grow in the Industry

Interested in green jobs or nature jobs? Check out our guide to 7 promising environmental careers.

What Certifications Do I Need to Become a Chef?

Looking to advance your culinary career? Learn how certifications, like those offered by the American Culinary Federation (ACF), can help you achieve your goals.

5 Tips for Taking Your Career in HR to the Next Level

Whether you’re just starting out on your HR career path or ready advance your career in HR, check out this advice to reach your goals.

5 Legal Industry Trends You Need to Understand to Get Hired

Whether you’re an established legal professional or new to the legal industry, staying up to date with legal trends is essential. Learn more.

Quick Guide to Healthcare Management Careers

What is it like to be a healthcare administrator? What are the pros and cons of healthcare management careers? Learn more about this dynamic field.

How to Become a Web Designer in 5 Steps

Want to find out how to become a web designer? Interested in commercial art? Get on the right graphic design career path with our tips.

Commercial or Residential Real Estate: Which Is Right for You?

Want to work in the real estate industry? Learn what it takes to launch your commercial real estate career or residential real estate career.

What Employers Look for When Hiring for Therapist Jobs

Ready to launch your career in professional therapy? Find out what you can do to stand out to employers and get one step closer to becoming a therapist.

How to Build an Optometry Practice Focused on Sports and Vision

Passionate about sports and helping athletes perform better? Consider becoming a sports vision specialist! Learn more about this exciting eye care career.

Where Can I Work as a Medical Administrative Specialist?

Interested in medical office administration jobs? Explore the different places you can work as a medical administrative specialist.

Career Comparison: Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales

Wondering which sales career path is right for you? Check out our comparison of inside sales vs. outside sales including salary, outlook, and key skills.

How to Find the Best Optician Jobs

Thinking about becoming an optician? Wondering what optician jobs and duties entail? Learn how to find the best optician jobs with our tips and advice.

Optometrist Vacancy: Tips for Finding the Best Optometry Company to Work With

Interested in an optometry career? Check out our tips for finding the best workplaces in optometry.

Guide to Alternative Careers for Dentists

Want to change your dentist career path? Check out iHireDental’s list of non-clinical jobs in the dental field and alternative careers for dentists.

Searching for Ophthalmology Jobs? Here Are the 5 Best Hospitals for Ophthalmology

Looking for great ophthalmology jobs? Check out this list of the best hospitals for ophthalmology and find your next ophthalmology career opportunity.

Should You Become a CHC Optometrist?

The need for accessible and affordable eye care is on the rise. Learn about CHC optometrists, what it’s like to work in a community health clinic, and more.

What Does Your Job Title Say About You?

What’s the difference between job role and job description? How important are job titles on a resume? The answer may surprise you.

7 Top Construction Jobs to Fill the Skilled Labor Shortage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to launch a construction career? Check out our infographic to learn more about 7 in-demand positions including salaries, required skills, and more.

Pros & Cons of Night Shift Nursing

Do you wonder what it’s like working nights as a nurse? Find out with these pros, cons, and survival tips for night shift nurses.

5 Best States for Landscaping Jobs

Find out what state has the most landscaping jobs and the best places in the United States for green industry professionals to launch their landscaping careers.

Guide to Construction Certifications

Want to take your construction career to the next level? View our construction certifications list to find the best construction certification for you.

Cool Career Opportunities for Women in HVAC/R and Construction

There’s a huge opportunity for women in HVAC/R and construction. Check out this infographic from The Refrigeration School, Inc. to learn more.

Does HR Really Need My Social Security Number for a Job Application?

Many job seekers ask “should I give my social security number on a job application?” Find out how to deal with a job application asking for your SSN.

Benefits of Mentoring in Optometry

New grad optometrists should strongly consider finding an optometry mentor. Learn how these mutually beneficial relationships help boost optometry careers.

Top 10 Jobs for Chefs Outside the Kitchen

Looking for career change ideas for chefs? Check out iHireChefs’ list of the top 10 alternative jobs for chefs outside the kitchen.

What to Do When Your Optometry Practice is Acquired

Your optometry practice is being acquired – now what? Check out these tips for surviving an optometry practice transition.

Managing Your Job Search Doesn’t Have to Take Over Your Life

Managing your job search may seem like a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to find a job fast with these 7 job search hacks!

Career Comparison: Physician Assistant vs. Nurse Practitioner

Physician assistant vs. nurse practitioner – find out the difference between PA and NP career paths and decide which advance practice credential to pursue.

Applying for a Job Without all the Qualifications? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Should I apply for the job? The answer is probably “yes.” Learn the difference between required skills vs. preferred abilities and desired skills.

Want a Rewarding Eye Care Career? Become an Ophthalmologist.

Learn all about how to become an ophthalmologist and find out if the ophthalmologist career path is right for you!

Phlebotomist Career Guide: Skills, Training, Certification & Salary

Wondering how to become a phlebotomist? Learn more about these essential members of the healthcare community.

Career Spotlight: How to Get a Job as a Proofreader

Learn the basics of how to get a job as a proofreader including freelance and remote proofreading jobs as well as the average proofreader salary.

Why Do Job Postings Have Closing Dates?

Find out why some job postings have closing dates and whether or not you should apply after the deadline has passed.

What is an Orthoptist?

What does an orthoptist do? What is the average orthoptist salary? Learn more about this rewarding eye care career.

6 Tips to Help You Battle Job Offer Anxiety

Not knowing how long you’ll have to wait after an interview for a job offer can be frustrating. Beat that waiting-for-job-offer anxiety with these six tips.

Ophthalmic Technician Job Guide: Skills, Education, Salary & More

What is an ophthalmic technician? How much do ophthalmic technicians make? Learn more about this rewarding eye care career.

6 Must-Read Tips for Your Out-of-State or Nationwide Teacher Job Search

Running a nationwide teacher job search doesn’t have to be hard. Learn the keys to job hunting out of state and how to find and apply for teaching jobs.

5 Best States for Chemistry Jobs

Launching your chemistry career? Find out the best states for chemistry jobs and the best places for chemists to work.

5 Trends in Healthcare Management: Why 2018 is the Year to Become a Healthcare Administrator

Find out why you should become a healthcare administrator and learn about 5 trends in healthcare management driving the future of healthcare administration.

Optometrist Education Guide: Top 10 Optometry Schools

Pursuing a career in optometry? Check out this optometrist education guide for a list of the top optometry schools in the US.

Which Physical Therapy Career Path is Right for You?

Just beginning your physical therapist career? Learn about the different types of physical therapy and choose the right physical therapy career path for you.

Advice & Inspiration for Your Career Change at 30, 40, and 50

Check out iHire’s specific advice for career changers who are switching careers at 30, starting a new career at 40, or making a career change at 50.

4 Careers in School Administration that Don’t Require a Principal’s Certificate

Learn more about careers in school administration like instructional designer, school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and occupational therapist.

When is the Best Time to Apply for Jobs?

Did you know that not only how but WHEN you perform specific tasks impacts your success? Learn more about the science of timing and job search productivity.

5 Manufacturing Sectors That Will Improve Your Job Security

Manufacturing jobs have decreased in the US, but you can improve your job security just by knowing where to look. Here are 5 promising sectors to consider.

Job Search Glossary: Common Terms and Helpful Resources

Whether you’re a recent grad or a well-versed job seeker encountering new terminology, the Job Search Glossary can help. From definitions of common terms to links for helpful resources in a wide range of topics, this tool will support you throughout your job search and beyond.

Start Your Property Manager Career Today

Interested in property management? Read on to find answers to questions like “what does a property manager do?” and “how much does a property manager make?”

Need a New Career? Here’s How to Manage a Career Change.

Changing careers can be tough, but it’s worth it if you’re unhappy at work. Find out the keys to a successful career change and make your dream a reality.

Environmental Government Jobs: Advance Your Career While Protecting Our Natural Resources

Learn about the many environmental government jobs available with federal, state, and local agencies where you can make a difference and grow your career.

Corporate Finance vs. Investment Banking: Which Career is Right for You?

Considering a career in corporate finance or investment banking? Read this comparison of requirements, job duties, salaries, and more to choose the right path.

Prepare for a Career Change in 5 Steps

Changing careers doesn’t have to be scary. Follow these steps to prepare for your career change and increase your chances of success in a new field.

‘Tis the Season to Get Hired: 5 Holiday Job Search Tips

Job searching during the holidays usually brings to mind temporary employment in retail settings. It’s no secret that seasonal hiring spikes during these winter months, but opportunities are much more varied if you only know where to look!

How to Create a Personal Website to Jump-Start Your Job Search

So you’ve just put the finishing touches on a polished resume and cover letter. But you’re not sure if it’s enough to stand out of the crowd. If you want a creative way to get ahead of your competition, developing a personal website may be a valuable asset in your job search.

Emerging Job Trends in Radiology

If you're hoping to land a job in radiologic technology, the current job outlook is positive. Of course, this means you'll have a bit of competition. One way to get ahead of the pack in your search for employment is to keep up to date with trends in radiology.

6 Reasons Why You Can't Get a Job

Receiving a few job application rejections is normal, but if you've gotten more than your share of "thanks, but no thanks" emails, you may be making one of these common mistakes.

Private Practice vs. Corporate Optometry Jobs: Which is Right for You?

While the role of an optometry professional remains consistent—to care for the health and condition of eyes—the practice models can differ.

Essential Skills for Mental Health Professionals

Mental health careers are as varied as they are rewarding. This guide describes mental health skills that will make success in your chosen sector even more attainable. While everyone’s career is different, the following skills for mental health workers are applicable to every profession.

Telenursing 101: One of Today’s Fastest-Growing Healthcare Careers

Imagine diagnosing an ill patient, monitoring vital signs, or transcribing medical reports without ever leaving your home or entering a medical facility. This scenario is now reality, as the healthcare industry continues to embrace new telecommunications technologies that allow practitioners to connect with patients and doctors from virtually anywhere.

How to Craft a Professional Portfolio

Your success in every phase of the application process depends on your ability communicate the value you bring to the table clearly and effectively. What better way to do this than by showing examples of your work?

Target Companies to Get the Job: How-To Guide

With the internet playing a more and more critical role in our everyday lives, the way people seeking employment approach their job search is varied. One undervalued and often overlooked way of finding the right fit is by targeting companies.

3 Proven Job Search Hacks for Passive Job Seekers

Don't miss out on a perfect opportunity just because you're busy. Passive job seekers use these 3 strategies to move their dream jobs from fantasy to reality.

Which Administrative Role is Right for You?

Considering a career in administration? Before starting your job search, learn more about the top administrative roles and decide where your future lies.

5 Time-Saving Recipe Managers for Culinary Professionals

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, time is limited and in high demand. Sifting through paper recipes or hard-copy cookbooks can suck up precious hours of menu planning and preparation time. Luckily, the technology revolution has come to the rescue!

What is an Allied Dental Educator?

A short profile of allied dental educators describing job duties, education and skill requirements, and salary benefits

Can You Write Off Job Search Expenses?

Many job seekers wonder, “Are job search expenses deductible?” Well, we went straight to the best source available to find out, and the answer might surprise you.

Must-Read Job Search Advice for Restaurant Workers

Learn the ins and outs of how to get a job at a restaurant, including when to turn in your resume, how to present yourself, and how to land the job.

Manufacturing Engineers: 5 Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job

Getting the perfect engineering job takes time and planning. By using the right strategies, you can land your dream job as a manufacturing engineer, and these tips can help you get started.

Get the Right Fitness Job

Are you looking to transition into a fitness career and work at a gym? Front desk staff, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, swim instructors, and a gym manager are all needed positions that allow a gym to operate smoothly.

7 Things You Can Do for Your Job Search in One Hour

It can be difficult to stay motivated when looking for work. Here are seven quick tasks that can be done in less than an hour to keep your job search on track!

4 Ways Physicians Find the Right Workplace

Hospital jobs often look good with promises of excellent pay and working conditions, but there's one thing people overlook when applying for physician jobs: What is that physician's office or hospital really like to work in?

Live Chat Customer Service: Best Job Ever or Cold, Lonely Gig?

Customer service professionals are needed virtually everywhere, and as the way consumers and companies interact evolves with technology, so does the nature of customer service jobs. While in-person and telephone/call-center customer service positions aren’t going away any time soon or being completely replaced by robots (yet, anyway), there is a third career option if you’re tech savvy and enjoy solving customers’ problems: live chat agent jobs.

Powering Your Career: 2017 Utilities Industry Job Outlook

The utilities job outlook projects growth in a number of positions, but they all have something in common: specialization in technology or renewable energy.

The Evolution of Retail: Employment Opportunities for 2017 & Beyond

If you're considering a retail career path, read this overview to learn more about how the rise of online shopping is impacting the retail industry as a whole.

How to Decide Between Investment Banking and Commercial Banking

Many finance professionals begin the career planning phase by taking some time to figure out whether they want to pursue commercial banking or investment banking. While both career paths can reap great rewards, each comes with a different set of responsibilities and skills. Here is a breakdown of some of the factors that separate careers in investment and commercial banking to consider.

Career Comparison: Medical Billing vs. Medical Coding

When comparing medical billing vs. medical coding, it's important to understand the distinction between the two positions. Read on to learn more about these medical administration jobs and see which one is right for you!

Veteran Dentists' Secrets for a Successful Dental Career [Infographic]

Preparing to launch a career in dentistry? Read these tips from veteran dentists to help you succeed.

How to Launch and Maintain a Successful Career in Steel Fabrication

Just starting your career in steel fabrication? Follow these tips to succeed and thrive as a fabricator.

Landscaping Careers You'll Love Year-Round

The landscaping industry is growing, and industrious landscape professionals will find plenty of opportunities in a range of job types, from arborist to architect and installer to landscape designer.

Engineering Jobs: Which Career Path Should You Follow?

For students deciding on a major, new graduates looking for entry-level engineering jobs, and professionals with a background in engineering, there are a number of career paths to consider.

Hot Jobs in the Insurance Industry

Job market trends should always be taken into consideration during a job search, and seeking a job within the insurance industry is no different. If you are making a career change, two areas within the insurance industry worth looking into are Technology and Sales.

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist: What’s the Difference?

Nutritionist vs. dietitian: which career should you pursue? While on the surface they may appear quite similar, it is important to recognize the differences between these two nutrition careers before committing to either track. Read this comparison to learn what each job entails and choose which is right for you.

Advice on Finding Your Next Job in the Printing Industry

Experts predict that the total number of print industry jobs will decline over the next 10 years. By some estimates, the industry may see a decrease as high as 18 percent between 2014 and 2024. In spite of these facts, employment prospects for printing specialists are still favorable. The best of these printing jobs will go to the best-prepared workers. Here's some advice for staying ahead of the curve.

Volunteer Chemistry Opportunities

Volunteering usually calls to mind images of people building houses, serving meals at community kitchens, cleaning up playgrounds and parks, or spending time with the elderly. While these are all worthy causes, you may not realize there are also chemist volunteer opportunities. As a chemistry professional, you have a unique knowledge base and skill set that can make a big difference – whether in a third-world country or your own neighborhood.

Stay Ahead of the Chaos: Organize Your Job Search

With all of the resumes, research, and interviews you have to juggle, it’s easy to lose control of any job search. Here are three easy ways to keep everything in order.

5 Quality Control Career Possibilities

As a specialty that spans numerous industries, QC offers many career paths. Which option is right for you? Read on to learn about the many possibilities available to QC professionals and find the opportunity that fits you best.

Avoid These 5 Careless Job Application Mistakes

These extra forms are just as critical as your resume and cover letter! Carefully avoiding the mistakes below may just be the difference between landing an interview and being immediately rejected.

5 Career Options for Healthcare Administrators

When it comes to work environments and career paths, healthcare administration professionals have a lot of options. As the healthcare industry continues to expand and evolve, the need increases for operational managers to keep things running smoothly.

Dealing with Multiple Job Offers

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for your clearly impressive interview skills. Then use these tools to get down to business.

The Health of the Hospitality Industry: 2016 & Beyond

The hospitality industry has an extremely bright outlook in the US and beyond. Here are six that could have a major impact over the coming decade.

How to Write Emails That Employers Will Read

In "What Future Employers See in Your Email Address", you learned how to present yourself within an employer’s cluttered inbox. Now you just need to write the email itself!

The Environmental Job Seeker’s Guide to Professional Associations

Because associations can be so helpful, it is important to find the ones that fit your needs. Use this guide to identify which environmental organization(s) suit your career path.

Switching to a Career in Technology

As the hot field nationwide, technology is drawing in new people from all stages in their careers. If you’re interested in breaking into the industry, this simple four-step guide is for you.

What Future Employers See in Your Email Address

With so many job applications being completed and submitted online, it is no wonder that an email address is frequently the first impression an employer receives of their candidates. Therefore, it is important that your email address gives the right perception.

Leaving the Military? Consider a Job in Logistics

Many vets choose to enter the logistics field and it’s easy to see why: it presents the perfect opportunity to use many skills learned in the armed forces.

Optician, Optometrist, or Ophthalmologist – Which Career Path is Right for You?

An in-depth comparison of the three main occupations in eye care: optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist. Find out which one is right for you.

Essential Skills for Top Marketing Professionals

Knowing which of your skills to call attention to in your resume and interviews can be a daunting task. The guide below describes top aptitudes for marketing specialists in the modern era.

Why Contract and Temporary Employment May Become the New Normal

Temporary and contingent workers enable companies to create a more elastic, “on-demand” labor force. It’s kind of like the Netflix of staffing strategies, but the arrangement can benefit both parties.

Which Career is Right for You – Clinical or Non-Clinical Social Work?

If you are pursuing a career in social work, there are two main paths to consider: clinical and non-clinical roles. Review this quick comparison of the day-to-day duties, focus areas, educational and licensing requirements, and salary and outlook data to determine which occupation is right for you.

3 Reasons Not to Fear a Background Check

Nearly 70% of businesses run background checks, so you need to prepare yourself for this part of the hiring process. Here are three little-known facts about background checks.

3 Key Strategies for Researching Potential Employers

Don’t waste your time blindly applying for open positions. Take the time to research prospective employers before submitting your resume and job application.

5 Essential Traits for a Successful Career Change into Radiologic Technology

Described as “part science, part art” by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), radiologic technology is a popular choice for career changers for a variety of reasons. If you’re considering a second career in radiologic technology, make sure you possess these core qualifications before embarking on your journey.

Guide to Veterinary Technician Societies

A brief guide to veterinary technician societies approved by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA).

Community or Hospital Pharmacy: Which is Right for You?

While a variety of specialty practice areas exist for pharmacists, community and hospital are the two main settings these professionals work in. If you’re considering employment in a hospital or community pharmacy, learn more about each environment in this brief guide to determine which best aligns with your qualifications, skills, preferences, and career goals.

Following Up on Applications: A Job Seeker “Must”

When you apply to jobs online, it can often feel as though your application disappeared into some digital no-man’s land – especially if you don’t hear back from anyone. Take matters into your own hands by strategically (and politely) following up.

Managing Your Job-Search Inbox

Over the past few years, email has quickly grown into one of the most frequently used methods of communication— particularly in the professional arena.

Quick and Dirty Guide to Virtual Assisting

Interested in becoming a virtual assistant? Find out about this great career for administrative professionals who want to telecommute or work from home.

Watch Out for These 5 Job Posting Red Flags

Even legitimate postings can have elements of deception that you must identify so that your job search doesn’t result in wasted effort. Knowing some of the common red flags will save you valuable time and minimize your chances of getting fooled.

The Construction Professional’s Guide to Avoiding Age Discrimination

Looking for work over the age of 50 can be difficult. Here's a guide to job-hunting for experienced construction professionals.

Opportunities Abound for Chefs at Resorts

If you have an adventurous personality, enjoy outdoor activities, and/or don’t mind being a bit isolated or far away from city life then you may want to consider resort work.

A Guide to Select Nursing Specialties

If you want spice up your career without leaving nursing, focusing your work in one arena may be the perfect solution. Specializing enables you to concentrate solely on the work that most excites you and may even represent an opportunity to expand your skillset.

Quick Guide to Advanced DANB Certifications

Learn more about the exams, prerequisites, and other requirements needed to earn advanced DANB credentials such as the COA, CPFDA, and CRFDA designations.

Don’t Overlook "Old" Job Ads

When caught up in the hunt for employment, it can be easy to dismiss a four-week-old job advertisement as “stale” or undesirable.

A Guide to Dental Specialties

The American Dental Association formally recognizes nine specialties in dentistry.

What is an HRIS Analyst?

If you are looking for an HR job and have strong technical skills and an astute attention to detail, the HRIS Analyst role may be perfect for you.

Volunteer Opportunities for Nurses

For nurses searching for a job or looking to advance their careers, clinical experience is imperative. The right training and education can strengthen a resume and qualify you for a wide range of positions. Volunteering is one way to gain that background, and also helps you develop connections to credible agencies and other professionals that may ultimately set you apart from other applicants.

Big Corporation or Small Business? Where Do You Belong?

Just like you, different organizations are more suited for particular uses of HR. So how do you find the optimal situation for your qualifications?

What Makes a Good Chef?

There are many opinions out there on how to be a good chef – just ask any restaurant owner and they’ll tell you what they prize most in the person that runs their kitchen. However, it’s not quite so easy to find out how to become a chef that restaurateurs fight over and other chefs want to work for and learn from. Here’s a list of 7 traits, characteristics, and qualities needed to become a true leader in the culinary industry.

A Guide to Professional HR Organizations

A key component of securing human resources jobs – jobs in any industry, for that matter – is networking. Individuals looking to begin or advance their human resources careers should strongly consider joining an organization just for HR professionals. By being active in an industry-specific association, you will make invaluable connections, have the opportunity to grow professionally through training and certification programs, and increase your credibility as an HR expert.

Community Dental Health Coordinators: Who Are They, What Do They Do, and Where Are They Going?

Learn more about Community Dental Health Coordinators and how they help their communities by offering education and affordable access to care.

Business Skills for Chefs Turned Owners

Opening a restaurant is more complicated than creating great dishes and finding a cozy place to serve customers. Experienced chefs who have launched their own establishments know that the skills outside of the kitchen are the key elements of a startup’s success or failure.

6 Key Skills for Dentists Who Run Their Own Practices

Managing a business while also providing top-notch patient care can be difficult. Learn the top 6 skills for dentists who run their own practices.

ADN or BSN… What’s The Difference?

There are two potential degree paths for aspiring nurses. But how do you choose which is for you?

Have You Ever Been Fired or Laid Off?

Going through a lay off or being terminated from a position abruptly is difficult enough, but it can be even tougher to arrive at your next job interview wondering how to answer the question, “Why did you leave your last job?” or “Have you ever been fired or laid off?” As a general rule in job interviews, it is always best to be open and honest. Hiding things is never a good strategy. However

How to Become a General Contractor

Review these high-level requirements to see if becoming a general contractor is a viable choice for your career.

APRNs: Challenges and Opportunities

Though the need for APRNs in the care system is growing, several barriers stand in the way of these men and women performing to the full extent of their abilities.

Dental Assistants vs. Dental Hygienists - What's the Difference?

A comprehensive comparison of the education, credentials, job duties, and salary between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist.

Top Construction Companies to Work For in 2015

Check out iHireConstruction's list of the top construction companies to work for in 2015.

Challenges & Opportunities for Men in Nursing

As a key component of one of the fastest-growing segments of the US economy, it’s no wonder that nurses enjoy higher levels of employment compared with the job market as a whole. These strong prospects for opportunity and job security have made nursing a popular career choice for professionals of all backgrounds, both male and female.

4 Critical Tips for the Construction Executive's Job Search

Find out the top job search tips for construction executives, from working with a recruiter to improving your resume and more.

Private Chef vs. Personal Chef

Are you considering a career as a private or personal chef? Is there even a difference? These two positions may be synonymous in some circles and require very similar skills, but there is one distinct difference: private chefs are employed by a single client, whereas personal chefs may work for a number of clients at any given time.

Guide to Professional Nursing Associations

Healthcare is a dynamic and growing field. For nurses, professional organizations are highly valuable resources for the latest trends and best practices as well as key components of a successful career in an ever-changing industry.

So You Want to Be a Travel Nurse

The travel nurse role originated approximately 20 years ago as hospitals and medical facilities found themselves in need of short-term support during periods of staffing shortages.

The Changing Face of HR Certification

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently announced that it would begin offering its own version of professional certifications beginning in 2015, thereby ending its more than 40-year relationship with the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), an organization SHRM created specifically to administer certification examinations.

Top 10 Skills for HR Leaders

Check out iHireHR’s list of top HR skills and see how you compare to other HR leaders or find out which HR manager skills you need to improve.

What is a Hospitalist RN?

Hospitalist RN is a relatively new role in healthcare. Review a hospitalist RN job description and find out more about their duties and responsibilities.

The Pros & Cons of Working in a Hospital

With locations practically everywhere in the US and the capacity to employ a large number of staff, hospitals are a popular choice for new graduates or seasoned nurses seeking their next role. However, as with any major life choice, there are positives and negatives to consider about the hospital work environment before deciding where to take your career.

Time Management Tips for Job Seekers

Finding a great job in today’s market can turn into a full-time position in itself, but you don’t have to dedicate 40+ hours per week to your search in order to be successful. The adage “work smarter, not harder” applies to a job search as well. A key to working smarter is effective time management, whether you are unemployed with ample time on your hands or currently employed and need to be more strategic with your free hours.

Handling Employment Gaps

Over the course of a 30–40 year career, it’s not uncommon for the average professional to find themselves out of work for an extended period of time at some point. There are a number of reasons that a competent, driven person could be unemployed for several months or longer – being laid off, returning to school, raising a family, receiving treatment for an accident or serious illness, caring for a sick family member

How to Get the Most out of a Job Fair

When most people think of job fairs (also known as career fairs), they tend to think of a large group of recent college graduates standing in long lines to speak for five minutes with recruiters from several companies.

Know Your Industry

Before you begin your job search it is important that you do some background research into which industries are hiring and what careers are quickly disappearing.

Consider Other Industries

Some jobseekers reach a certain point in their search where they feel like they have exhausted all options within their desired field or industry and turn to other avenues for potential job leads. Looking outside of your chosen industry requires a good amount of consideration before diving right in.

Staying Marketable in Your Job Search

A lot of folks say that the way to ensure success when looking for a new position is to make it your full-time job. However, there’s more to it than that.

Holiday & Summer Job Search Strategies

Have you ever wondered if employers are really hiring during the holidays or summer months? You apply to job postings but aren’t getting many responses. No one is really hiring, are they?

Application AutoFill - How to Take Advantage and Save Time

Have you ever found a job you wanted to apply to online, only to get to the application and find out that it requires all the same information that is in your resume?

Navigating Unemployment - Managing Your Emotions

In this current job market, with unemployment rates consistently above 7% and job seekers taking longer than ever to land jobs, it is very easy to become despondent and depressed, or simply give up on your job search altogether.

Manage Your Online Presence & Reputation

At this point it is common practice for hiring managers and recruiters to search the name of potential employees via the internet before hiring, and in most cases, interviewing them. Savvy job seekers are aware of this fact of life and pay careful attention to information on the internet endorsed by them and written about/by them

Spotting a Job Scam

One of the downfalls of today’s digital job search is the increasing amount of job scams making their way onto major job boards. While some may be easier to spot than others, a good mantra to follow is "if it’s too good to be true, it probably is."