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Valentine's Day at Work as Told by Memes

Posted: February 05, 2020

Valentine’s Day seems to be a divisive holiday. Some people enjoy romantic dates, some attend anti-valentine parties, and others simply don’t care. But I think there’s something about this day that provides common ground – everyone feels a little weird about Valentine’s Day at work.

No matter your relationship status or stance on the holiday, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get some awkward questions and have to hear about your coworkers’ evening plans. We’ve rounded up some funny Valentine’s Day memes to describe your day at work on February 14.


9 AM


You come into the office, and you spend a couple seconds considering whether it’s appropriate to give your coworkers a friendly valentine greeting. You decide that it is.


Meme: "I'm going to go ahead and assume it isn't a human resources violation to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day."

Source: https://oldmooresalmanac.com/valentines-day-memes/



You pretty much immediately have to start fending off questions about your evening plans.


Meme: "Do you have a data for Valentine's Day? Yes. February 14th."

Source: https://www.seventeen.com/life/friends-family/a26576/funny-anti-valentines-day-memes/



Then you start looking around, and you realize all your coworkers have on their very best professional, yet date-appropriate attire. You may have even spent some time yourself crafting the perfect work-to-evening outfit – even if you have no plans.


Meme: "Hi I'm Date Mike. Nice to meet me."

Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/817544138579554364/



While it’s kind of weird picturing your coworkers out on a romantic date, you’re glad your boss didn’t do something awkward to single out the singles, like this:


Meme: "Let's all the single people wear sweatpants to work on Valentine's Day."

Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3szf7x


12 PM


Around noon your cheerful mood starts to fade. Seemingly all of your coworkers have received a bouquet of flowers but you. You wonder, where are my flowers? And then you realize, flowers are so overdone that you don’t want them anyways.


Meme: "When yet another bouquet of flowers arrives at the office, and it's not for you... Florals? For Valentine's Day. Groundbreaking."

Source: https://en.dopl3r.com/memes/dank/when-you-see-another-bouquet-of-flowers-posted-on-instagram-florals-for-valentines-day-groundbreaking/224641



And you start getting sick of hearing people talk about their plans. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day at work does not mean you need to discuss the details of your coworker’s dating life.


Meme: "Happy Valentine's Day. Love is in the air."

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/108086459787922237/



Over lunch, you’re touched when your work bestie asks you to be their valentine. Mood restored! What are friends for after all?


Meme: "Do you wanna be my valentine?"

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Funny-Valentines-Day-Memes-Jokes-Valentine-Meme-Pictures-228191907629763/


3 PM


Whether you were looking forward to Valentine’s Day at work or not, you’re secretly floored by the friendly dog valentine your coworker gave you (and everyone else in the office). It’s so much more rewarding than the Valentine’s Day memes people are sending around. You post it up in your office where it will provide joy until next February comes along.


Meme: "I wanna give you a great big pug for Valentine's Day."

Source: https://sayingimages.com/happy-valentines-day-meme/



You then receive an e-valentine poem that your boss sent out to express gratitude for the team. You wonder how long it took them to come up with something work appropriate. While the end result wasn’t great, you appreciate the sentiment:


Meme: "Roses are red, violets are blue, garlic bread, Blink-182."

Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/477522366733377001/


5 PM


It’s almost the end of the day, and you stop in your tracks when you receive a secret valentine – not from your colleague or your boss. You’re flattered, and your curiosity piques as you wonder who this secret admirer could be…


So I received my first valentine from a secret admirer: Roses are red, violets are blue, it's time for your dental cleaning, and maybe a check-up too.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/408279522450002932/


Whatever your feelings about the holiday, we suggest using Valentine’s Day at work as an opportunity to express gratitude for your employees or colleagues. Or, if you’re like us, use it as a reminder to make your team members feel valued and acknowledged on a regular basis – not just on a special day. Here at iHire, we wish you a day full of gratitude and hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day memes!


Sarah Ballow, iHire
Posted by: Sarah Ballow, iHire
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