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iHire’s Core Values Series: Growth Focused

Posted: September 23, 2016

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. “ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you have a growth-focused mindset? Can you name one new skill you’d like to learn this year?

In today’s fast-moving world, being growth focused is a must. So much so that I’ve noticed my children are being taught how to foster a growth mindset in school: try new things, don’t give up, do your best work, and believe in yourself. How inspiring!

Here’s how iHire defines growth focused as a core value:

Definition of iHire's core value: growth focused

“We are focused upon continuous improvement – of ourselves and the processes for which we are accountable. We expand our expertise through learning and apply those learnings to our roles.”

As a company, we strive to 1) learn from our customers, 2) understand the big picture and anticipate change, 3) generate solutions that are simple and focused, 4) manage by metrics and set “stretch” objectives, and 5) foster leadership and accountability at all levels of our organization.

As an individual, here are some ways you can practice having a growth-focused mindset:

  • Maintain a can-do attitude and stay motivated.
  • Do not allow yourself to become complacent and never stop looking for improvements.
  • Keep all of your tools sharpened.
  • Look at change as an opportunity to learn.
  • Seek out a mentor. They can help you aspire to be your best self!

Also, keep your fixed mindset voice in check – the one that says you can’t or tells you that you’ll fail. Talk back to it with a plan to learn and try out the Grow Model:

grow model


Stay tuned for our final two core value posts!

Vickie Krolak, iHire
Posted by: Vickie Krolak, iHire
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