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Not Sure How to Write a Cover Letter? Use iHire’s Cover Letter Generator!

Posted: January 30, 2019

A few weeks ago, we shined the spotlight on our brand-new Resume Builder. Today we’d like to highlight another time-saving feature for job seekers in need of guidance on how to write a cover letter: meet the iHire Cover Letter Generator.

Most job seekers are aware that customizing your resume for a specific position is critical to boosting your chances of being called in for an interview – in fact, it’s so important that we created a tool to make that process easier. However, as important as it is to tailor your resume, it’s just as critical (if not more so) to take the time to adjust your cover letter for each application.

The iHire Cover Letter Generator takes what could be a time-consuming exercise and makes it incredibly simple. In just a few short minutes, you can customize our basic cover letter template with information highlighting the skills and experience you have that match the qualifications listed in the job posting.

To access iHire’s free cover letter builder, begin by applying to a job on one of iHire’s 50+ talent communities. From there you’ll be prompted to attach your resume and include a cover letter. If you choose to add a cover letter to your application, you’ll see a button to “Open Cover Letter Generator.”


Screenshot of iHire job application process showing prompt to include or create a cover letter


Once you’ve opened the Cover Letter Generator, the first step will be to fill out our brief questionnaire with some basic information regarding your career, job search objectives, skills, and achievements.


Screenshot of iHire's Cover Letter Generator questionnaire


After you’ve provided the necessary information for your cover letter, click “Continue” and you’ll be shown a preview of your Cover Letter Generator draft. Here you will be able to review the cover letter template and doublecheck all your information before finalizing the document and sending in your application.


Screenshot previewing the draft created by iHire's Cover Letter Generator tool


Completing your job application is just one step in the process. Don’t forget to follow up after about a week – this will provide an opportunity for you to confirm the organization received your materials and possibly speak with the hiring manager directly. And once you move to the next step in the hiring process, come back to iHire for help with interview preparation.


Freddie Rohner, iHire, LLC
Posted by: Freddie Rohner, iHire, LLC
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