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iHire Releases New Resume Scorer

Compare resume with job postings

With iScore, registered users on iHire can easily assess how their resumes stack up against specific job postings

Frederick, MD – iHire recently introduced the latest addition to the resources they offer their members: iScore. This tool enables users to compare resumes with job openings. By parsing the information included on the resume along with the requirements listed in the employer’s advertisement, iScore provides individuals with valuable insight on whether or not their skills meet the demands of a particular position. This gives job seekers more confidence when they are searching and applying for work while also funneling more qualified applicants to employers. 

“I think iScore has the potential to be incredibly helpful to all of our customers, both on the job seeker side and the employer side,” iHire’s VP of Technology Todd Lizambri said. “By having the ability to see how their resume fares prior to sending in an application, our users are able to better judge the jobs they choose to apply for or they can make subtle changes to their resumes to improve their score and increase their chances of being called in for an interview.”

iHire’s Chief Administrative Officer, Lisa Shuster, also weighed in: “As someone who handles hiring, I believe the introduction of this tool will help to ensure that employers who post on iHire get higher quality resumes. If candidates use iScore to see how closely their resume does or does not match a given job, they will have a better idea of whether or not they should move forward with their application.”

For iHire’s premium members, the iScore assessment automatically appears as a percentage at the top right corner of all job openings posted on the site. By clicking on the percentage, the job seeker can then review further information on their score including a short list of core competencies and soft skills to consider adding to the resume. For more information on iScore, please visit 

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