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iHire Introduces Automatic Job Tweeting

Jobs posted on iHire’s niche communities are now Tweeted

Frederick, MD – Job openings posted on any of iHire’s 50+ niche community sites are now automatically Tweeted via iHire’s Twitter account, @ihirejobnetwork. Using their proprietary classification system (iMatch) as well as an analysis of more than 50 million job-related Tweets, iHire created and launched its first iteration of a job Tweet algorithm.

iHire’s new tool condenses job postings into 140-character Tweets including the job title, city and state location, company name, key skills (as many as possible), and a link to the job application. If necessary, lengthy job titles or qualifications from the original job posting are shortened into normalized terms identified by iMatch to optimize available space. Additionally, all job Tweets include “#job” for increased presence in Twitter search results. For example:

Office Manager (#Tampa, Florida) ABC Inc. #CustomerService #Management #Accounting #Scheduling #job

All approved job postings are eligible for a one-time Tweet, and job seekers who access the posting via Twitter may apply as an iHire member or guest. “By posting opportunities on Twitter, we increase exposure, views, and applications for our registered employers while also boosting social media engagement with job seekers,” said Ben Berg, iHire’s Operations Engineering Manager. “iMatch is a robust, ever-improving classification system that enables us to consistently provide quality leads to the job seeker community, be it through Twitter or other channels.”

In addition to automatic Tweeting, job postings are emailed to matching candidates, downposted on other top job boards, and shared on iHire’s LinkedIn account. For more information on iHire’s employer or job seeker services, visit

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iHire offers a network of niche job boards dedicated to specific professions, enabling job seekers and employers to reach their employment goals by focusing their searches. iHire provides job seekers a single place to find jobs that are posted all over the internet, including places like small and large business websites, government databases, and industry associations in addition to other services such as resume writing/formatting. For employers, iHire provides straightforward hiring tools to help fill open positions quickly and cost effectively. iHire understands that successful recruiting isn’t about a lot of resumes; it’s about the right resumes. That’s why iHire offers a niche focus with network reach, enabling employers a fast, affordable way to reach the right candidates. Visit for more information.

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