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iHire Releases Improved & Expanded iHireConstruction Community

With the merger of iHireConstruction and iHireBuildingTrades, users now have access to more industry-specific job opportunities and hiring resources than ever before.

Frederick, MD & Angola, IN (April 2014) – By grouping two community sites together to form an improved version of iHireConstruction, iHire has streamlined the user experience for both job seekers and employers. Construction hiring managers and candidates from across the nation now have one central hub to focus their searches in, regardless of career level or specialty.

In preparation for this merger, the iHire team reviewed, revised, and optimized its database of construction and building trades job categories, titles, and skills. The iHireConstruction homepage was also fully redesigned. “Things are looking up for the construction industry, so there was no better time for us to concentrate on these two specific niche sites and take major steps in enhancing our functionality,” said Lori Bryan, iHire’s Manager of Candidate Offerings.

Registered job seekers from iHireConstruction and iHireBuildingTrades can now visit one site to search more than 12,000 online sources for opportunities. Hiring managers also have a single place to post open positions and one database to reference for qualified candidate resumes in both fields.

“For employers, using one site instead of two enables them to reach more candidates with their job ads, particularly those with cross-functional qualifications in both construction and building trades,” said Jason Hayes, Director of Sales and Customer Service. “The guess work is removed with a combination of communities that simply makes sense from the user standpoint.”

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