Application Autofill - How to Take Advantage and Save Time

Application AutoFill - How to Take Advantage and Save Time

Have you ever found a job you wanted to apply to online, only to get to the application and find out that it requires all the same information that is in your resume? This happens all the time; employers require a resume and then have you fill out the same information again in their application. I’ve often heard job seekers say that they’ve spent an hour on an application, only to hit submit and lose all the information they’ve already put in, having to start all over, because they forgot to fill in a required section.


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What I recommend is to use the AutoFill feature that is already built into every browser. Whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, all have the ability to store the information you provide, making it easier to get through that dream job’s application. What is AutoFill? AutoFill is a feature that is found on all browsers that allows you to pre-fill your personal information and it then allows you to populate the fields of any application automatically. All browsers give you the ability to put in your Name, Email, Home Address, Phone Number, City, State, and Zip Code, making it faster for you to get through the current job application and move on to the next one.

I’ve spent several years speaking with job seekers and they’ll say that they can’t fill out as many applications as they would like because it is such a long process, or they don’t have the opportunity to sit down and fill out an application because of time constraints. I always direct them to several of the links below to learn how to set up AutoFill on their browser. If you’re like a lot of job seekers I talk to and looking for a quicker way to get through your job applications, check out the links listed below. They will walk you through how to use AutoFill on your browser.


By Ryan Bates, iHire | February 01, 2014
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