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Can I track external applies back to iHire?

We can utilize an external tracking pixel to attribute your candidate applies back to iHire. This is helpful in scenarios where jobs are posted on our talent communities, but candidates complete their applications on an external site, such as your careers page.

Using a tracking pixel is simple and requires minimal effort from you:

  • We provide you with a line of html code that you can easily copy and paste into the apply confirmation page on whichever external site you use.  
  • When a candidate clicks the “Direct Apply” button on your job on iHire, they are sent to your designated external site to complete their application.  
  • Once they’ve completed an application and reach your apply confirmation page, iHire will automatically associate and match that application with the appropriate candidate in our database.
  • When you view your applicants (“My Candidates”), you will see anyone who has applied through your external site. This will help you gain a better understanding of your recruiting tools’ ROI and quickly attribute great talent back to iHire.

To learn more, get in touch with our Customer Success team at (866) 238‑0161 or

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