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How can I build a talent pipeline or talent pool?

Pipelining is a proven passive recruiting strategy that involves creating and nurturing qualified applicants to fill future positions. Even if you’re not actively hiring for a role, keeping tabs on potential candidates will allow you to recruit faster and more effectively.

Our platform allows you to build your talent pipeline through the following features and functionalities:

Candidate management tools:

When candidates apply for your job(s), you may tag and organize them into folders as they move through your recruiting process. Here, you may add candidates you’d like to consider for future roles into a designated “Pipeline” folder. Further, if you're hiring for multiple roles or if you expect to hire again soon, you can use our Talent Pools to categorize pipelined candidates by title or skillsets to stay organized.

You will see these candidates under the “Pipelined” tab when you visit your account’s “My Candidates” page where you can access and reach out to great talent whenever your hiring needs arise.


“Join Our Talent Network” button on company profiles:

If you have a company profile through an active subscription, you will see a green “Join Our Talent Network” button toward the top of the page. By clicking that button, job seekers can let you know they are interested in learning more about your organization and future job openings.

When candidates click “Join Our Talent Network,” they are prompted to send you a message with their desired job title and a link to their candidate profile.

In addition to receiving the message, interested candidates will appear in the “Leads” tab under your account’s “My Candidates” page. There, you may choose to add the candidate to any one of your talent pools or archive them if they are not a good fit for a future role.

You will also recieve a notifcation at the top of your account's dashboard when you've received new leads. Simply click the "View Leads" button on the notification to view and manage your leads.

Candidates will receive an email if you’ve pipelined them and your organization will appear in their Job Tracker with a link directly to your company profile. In their Job Tracker, candidates will be able to see if you have any job opening and easily navigate to your profile

Next time you hire, simply head over to your talent pool(s) for a great list of candidates to contact. You may also send a bulk job apply invite to those candidates to get in touch even faster when you are ready to hire.

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