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Stay Enthusiastic in Your Job Search with The Attitude Thermostat

Posted: May 03, 2017

During a career transition, it is vital to stay enthusiastic! Yet, there are two realities that can negatively impact a job seeker’s outlook:

  • Endless job sites
  • Long hiring cycles

This post will provide strategies for addressing these concerns. I will also introduce a mental approach that guards your mindset against discouragement!


The Attitude Thermostat

attitude thermostat

Imagine a dial, similar to your heating and cooling thermostat. On this dial are six attitudes, and a disk you can turn to alter your outlook. The Attitude Thermostat is a tool that will help you move from negative reactions to positive outcomes using inner questions. Any time you start to get demotivated in your job search, simply ask yourself two questions:

  • How can I take control of my career?
  • What can I do to speed up the hiring cycle?


How can I take control of my career?

Our first instinct in career transition is to register on as many job sites as possible. Soon, you are posting your resume on multiple sites and your inbox is getting bombed with spam! (Don't worry - iHire never sells its members' information). In reality, job seekers should find one site that best represents their industry and career direction.

Because I am a sales specialist, my choice is iHireSalesPeople. Make sure the site you choose has the ability to create resumes, track jobs, and conduct searches. Take control of your professional life by investing in your career development!


What can I do to speed up the hiring cycle?

Accelerate the hiring cycle with activities borrowed from Target10toWin. This professional sales method promotes the creation of a list of ten target accounts, or in your case, employers. Once you have your list of employers, go to their websites and do your research.

One of the best sources of information is a press release. Likely found under news or media, a press release will give you industry updates and announcements from executives, managers, and other company leaders/representatives. These are your potential contacts for letters, social media, and email outreach. You may have multiple contacts within each employer that can refer you to the hiring manager and give you insight into the status of your application. 


Career Attitude Exercise

Be aware that even with these strategies and tactics that there may be delays, rejections, and setbacks in the process of finding a new career. The key to success may be how you react to these challenges. On the Attitude Thermostat, find the effort circle. Where is low effort and where is maximum effort?

  • What happens if you get five rejection emails today? Do you go positive or negative?  
  • What does a positive job seeker do?

attitude thermostatA positive job seeker reacts to adversity with maximum effort! Know that for each ten online applications, the odds are that only one or two employers will contact you by email or telephone. When you expect and prepare for a little adversity, then there are no surprises. Move the interested employers to a hot list and start another target list! If you keep asking yourself, “How can I take control?” and “How can I speed up the hiring cycle?”, then I believe you will stay positive and ultimately land your dream job!

Posted by: Charlie Van Hecke, Guest Author
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