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Recruit as a Team with iHire’s New Multiuser Tools

Posted: June 20, 2018

Does your organization have multiple hiring divisions or entities? Do you have several people on your HR team who post jobs, search resumes, and/or manage applicants? iHire’s new tools for multiuser accounts were built just for you!

Say goodbye to the confusion of sharing accounts and the headache of setting up different email addresses and logins for your various hiring organizations. Now you can add individual team members to your parent account and track all of their hiring efforts separately.

Here’s a quick overview of iHire’s multiuser features and how to use them.


Setting Organizational Admins

Every iHire account is required to have at least one Organizational Admin. These users have the ability to manage all user permissions and content under an account, including jobs posted by team members. Your account can have more than one Organizational Admin as well (more on setting permissions below).


Adding Organizations

If you have multiple brands/entities, your first step as an Organizational Admin will be to add your hiring organizations to your parent company’s account. You can manage all of an organization’s details – name, location, logo, URL, etc. – separately. You’ll also be able to choose a specific organization when posting a job.


Building Your Team

Your next step will be to invite team members to create their own accounts. You can add team members to one or all of your hiring organizations. Once you invite a team member, they will receive an email with instructions on next steps for setting up their account. You can also delete team members if necessary.


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Setting Team Permissions

We realize team members may have different hiring roles and responsibilities and therefore added several permission levels as part of our multiuser tools:

  • Manage Branding Elements: Allows a team member to add/edit organization branding elements including logos, videos, URLs, and company descriptions.
  • Manage Team/Users: Allows a team member to add/remove contacts and manage their permissions.
  • Post Jobs: Allows a team member to post and manage their own jobs.

Team members can be granted one, all, a combination of, or none of the permissions listed above (for example, if you have a team member who will be focused exclusively on sourcing via Resume Search).


Posting Jobs with Multiuser Accounts

You may be wondering how posting jobs works with multiple team members. We made it easy to use the job credits you purchase yourself as well as share those credits with members of your team.

You can assign job credits, upgrades, and job slots. If a job credit, upgrade, or job slot is currently in use for an actively posted job, it can’t be unassigned or reassigned.


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Accessing Resume Search

If you have multiple Resume Search seat licenses, you can assign (and unassign) those licenses to any member of your team as well. Team members with an assigned seat have full access to our resume database and search tools.



Give iHire’s new multiuser tools a try today to see for yourself how we’ve made it even easier to find top talent for all of your hiring divisions and stay coordinated with your team. And as always, extra guidance is available in iHire’s Help Center and via our Customer Success team (877-316-4111 Monday–Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST).

Natalie Winzer, iHire
Posted by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
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