Create Your Master Resume with iHire’s Portfolio Tool

By Freddie Rohner | December 30, 2019

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When it comes to snagging your dream job, it’s not enough to have a well-written resume with a solid formatting strategy and quantifiable achievements. To maximize your chances of being called in for an interview, you need to tailor your resume for the specific position you’re pursuing. For many job seekers, that’s the hardest part of the application process, but creating a master resume can make this task a lot easier.

What is a master resume? Put simply, this is a version of your resume that contains all the information on your career: every position you’ve held, every accomplishment you can claim, every skill you’ve acquired, every degree or license/certification you’ve earned, and every training course you’ve completed.

This document serves as a foundation for the unique resumes you create to apply for job openings. It is not a template and should never be submitted to potential employers. Rather, your master resume (also called a career portfolio) functions like a warehouse for your professional information. Creating a master resume will save you valuable time in the long run when you need to customize your resume for your dream job.

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iHire’s Portfolio tool is free for registered users and was designed to take the stress out of constructing a master resume and managing, maintaining, and storing your career information. Forget about searching for files on your laptop or losing all your data if your computer crashes. When you prepare your master resume with iHire’s Portfolio tool, you can store all your materials online in a secure, easy-to-access fashion.

Setting up your iHire Portfolio is as simple as uploading your resume. Using the same software as many of the top ATS companies, we’ll pull the information from your resume and automatically add it to the necessary career portfolio sections such as your work experience and accomplishments, education and credentials, affiliations and community involvement, skills, and other achievements like publications and presentations.


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Once you’ve created your master resume with iHire’s Portfolio tool, you can use our Resume Generator to easily build customized resumes for each position that fits your interest and every application you complete. Make sure to review your iScore Resume Match rating to find out if your resume meets the qualifications and requirements mentioned in the job posting and optimize as necessary to maximize your chances of earning an interview. And if you need additional help, iHire has professional writers on staff who will write an interview-winning resume for you.